The Drake Project - Call Out For Martial Artists

Ron Balicki and Diana Lee Inosanto are long-time friends of Cold Steel.
Not only are they amazingly talented Martial Artists but they are respected Hollywood fight choreographers and stunt coordinators

Ron and Diana are currently working on a project and they are searching for talented Martial Artists with weapons experience - and naturally they thought of our Cold Steel Challenge competitors!

Ron said:

We are looking for talented Stunt Men /Martial Artists who know weaponry and blade work.
Asian & European sword work, staff, knife etc. Knowledge in Filipino, Thai and Indonesian martial arts is a plus, but not necessary.
Union and Non-Union.
There is some Pay.

We are casting for Diversity--White, African American, Hispanic, Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Multi-Ethnic, etc.

Physical requirements:

  • Must be in Height 5'11 and above
  • Must be fit, trim & athletic & strong looking
  • Must play in Age Range: 18 to 55 years
  • Must be a team player willing to work with a visionary director.
  • Must be able to work as a local in the Los Angeles Area.
  • Must be able to rehearse for one to two days.
  • Shoots 2 days either December 2013 /January 2014

Please provide 1 Head shot, 1 Body Shot and Resume with: Contact information, Height & Weight, and Weaponry background, Training and other skills) to:

We are shooting a 5 to 10 minute short/presentation with an up-and-coming director--funded by Break Media.
This is a post-apocalyptic, Sci-Fi & Fantasy genre called "Drake".

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